Pommers perform in Thanksgiving Parade


The Mid American Pompon All Stars from Mercy High School pose at a dress rehearsal the night before America’s Thanksgiving Parade in Detroit (Public Domain: Facebook).

Nine Mercy varsity pommers performed in Detroit’s Thanksgiving Parade with the Mid American Pompon All Star Team, a nationally recognized team comprised of select varsity pommers from throughout Michigan.  The members who braved the cold on Thursday were seniors Mikayela Kempf, Emilia McCotter, and Lexi Ponder; juniors Sarah Turner and Kaitlin Yaldo; and sophomores Stephanie Hosko, Natalie Forster, Alex Powell, and Addie Powell.

Ponder, one of the only four-year All Star members, has performed in America’s Thanksgiving Parade since her freshman year.  She reflected on her final parade performance and the overall experience.

“The parade this year was bittersweet because it was my fourth and final time doing it,” Ponder said. “The best part is performing in front of all the people and occasionally being on TV because of the rush you get from it. It’s just an awesome feeling, and even though it’s cold outside, it’s worth it.”

The nine All Stars’ 2014-2015 journeys began months ago during the Mid American Pompon Summer Camp at Davenport University.  At the end of the sweltering three-day summer camp, All Star members were selected for the upcoming year based on routine performances.

Along with summer camp routines, selected members are responsible for memorizing any routines shared via YouTube on their own time.  Members are able to chose what they participate in.  This year, the team is scheduled to perform at various events, including the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida.