Varsity skating glides into its new season

MVFS took the ice for the second time this season on Friday for practice at 6:00 a.m. sharp. After its success last year, the team was enthusiastic to kick-off the new season. However, the team lost a significant chunk of its members from the 2013-2014 season. In total, the team lost six seniors from the previous year, who made a significant impact on the team’s success. However, the skaters this year hope to achieve just as much.

Junior Katie Urbin is excited for the upcoming season.

“I hope we all try our best and have fun [this year],” said Urbin. “I think the team last year was very successful, but I think we could improve our team spirit, in and out of school.”

Both the A and C team made it to the State Championships held at Munn Ice Arena in East Lansing. All team members seek to revisit states again this year, especially B team.

“I hope all three teams make it to states this year,” said B team member Stephanie Hosko.

The three senior captains hope to make this the best year yet, with innovative team-bonding activities planned. MVFS will now do ‘motivation’ before competitions, like most other sports teams at Mercy. ‘Motivations’ are small gifts that are given by a designated group of skaters to the rest of the team before a competition to, in essence, motivate the skaters to do their best.

“I’m hoping to… make sure things run smoothly throughout the season,” said senior captain Caitlyn Gordon. “We are implementing some new things . . . and I am really looking forward to [it]. I know we are going to perform to the best of our ability.”

The team has three in-season competitions this year, all of which are at its home rink, Farmington Hills Ice Arena: just a jump, skip and hop down the street from Mercy. So, come out and support your frozen fish on one of the following dates: Dec. 19, Jan. 19, Feb. 11. Just imagine how cute a Winter-Wonderland-themed student section would be.

Sophomore Morgen Wheeler shakily lands a two and half rotation jump called the double axel. This jump will give major bonus points to A team if executed properly.