Mercy Varsity Pompon performs at Prep Bowl


Mercy’s Varsity Pompon team (MVP) was scheduled to perform alongside all of the Catholic League Pompon teams at the Prep Bowl Competition Saturday, October 26th. But because of miscommunication between the coaches and the directors of the Catholic League, only a couple teams were prepared to perform at noon.

Only three of the nine teams standing on the sidelines were ready to perform. The rest of the teams were still warming up and practicing. They announced the pompon performance over the speakers and started the music without the teams.

Mercy, alongside Notre Dame Prep, sprinted down the steps and out onto the field during the performance. The team reached the field while the other girls were in the middle of their kick lines. Mercy scrambled into a formation and caught up with the rest of the teams as fast as they could. They hit each move and gave a strong finish to the routine.

MVP was upset with the confusion of the performance. They had hoped to show everyone how hard they worked to perfect the routine for the past three weeks.

After the performance, the pompon team went to the sidelines and performed the routine for their family and friends.

Mercy is now readily preparing for their upcoming competitions, which are Jamboree, Catholic Leagues, and Regionals.  Jamboree is during December, and Catholic Leagues and Regionals are in January.  [wzslider autoplay=”true”]