Locked Out

Monica Shammas, Entertainment Editor

Although Detroit sports teams have been on fire lately, for many of you basketball fans, this news may be upsetting. The National Basketball Association’s (NBA) commissioner David Stern announced that the first two weeks of the regular season have been canceled after players and league owners were unable to reach an agreement on the split of basketball related income and a pay cut  for the players. The lockout first began when league owners collectively complained of significant losses in revenue and warned that if the teams continued to play, more and more teams would begin to lose money as well. The players agreed to a pay-cut from 57% to 53%, but the league owners wanted to make it an even 50-50. The players held their ground and both parties have locked horns since.  All fans with tickets to these games have been issued a refund with interest. Time will only tell if the players and league owners will be able to make a decision any time soon and get the new season rolling.