Lacrosse Team Looks Forward

Christine LaRouere, Staff Reporter

After an exciting game last Thursday, the Mercy lacrosse teams heads to the regional game to try to take it to the state finals. It has been a tough season for the team but, they seem to keep a positive attitude and never give up. With the help from their coaches, the team keeps trying new plays to get to the goal.

“This lacrosse team is like a family,” said varsity player Lexi Schultz. “No matter what we keep our heads high and fight for what we want.”

Last Thursday, the team played against Regina High School. There were a limited amount of girls due to the U of D prom so, coaches used the help of some JV players. The varsity ended up crushing Regina 22 to 8. This really boosted the team’s spirit and helped them be motivated to practice hard for regionals.