New Season, New Opportunities

Christine LaRouere, Staff Reporter

With spring approaching, teams have been training to hopefully bring new accomplishments in sports to Mercy High. The changing of the seasons allows a new batch of athletes to begin playing their outdoor sports again such as soccer, lacrosse, softball, track and field, and tennis.

Tryouts for all spring sports start March 14th and athletes have been preparing for them by attending workouts, perfecting skills to impress coaches, and becoming equipped for the season.

“The soccer team has been pushing themselves to really be in shape for this season,” says Varsity soccer player Susan Panetta. “With everyone in top shape and ready to play soccer, we should have a great season.”

The new sport season also allows girls to try a sport they have never done before. Trying a new sport gives someone the chance to make new friends and develop a passion for something that the athlete never thought she had.

“I started playing lacrosse for the first time last year and I am so happy I found a sport that I love to play,” said sophomore Jordan Zurke. “I have made so many new friends and strengthened the ones I already had.”