Marlins of Mercy: Macey Earle


Macey Earle was elected the Chair of the Student Council Executive Board for the 2019-2020 school year. Photo used with permission from Macey Earle

“During my freshman year at Mercy, [I went to] our first class meeting and I saw all the senior Student Council officers and they were talking about what it means to be an officer. Hearing the president at the time talk about her role made me think I might want to do something like that. I wanted to be involved, but I didn’t really know anyone in my class yet. I was scared I wouldn’t get the votes for student government, so I ran for the Human Relations Council (HRC). It was cool to be on HRC, but I found that my interests were geared more towards planning events and things like that. After freshman year I became more confident with myself and made more friends, so I decided to run for sophomore class officer. I got the position and worked with a great group of girls and decided to run again my junior year. Once again, I worked with an amazing group of girls who worked really well together. We did a really good job in making the Daddy Daughter Dance a success and helping plan Spirit Week and doing all those little things throughout the year.

March of junior year was the time that was always in the back of my mind because that was the big election. When the day of elections came, I gave my speech and I was really proud of it because I spent a ton of time on it. I was worried how people would react when I was writing it, but I felt more confident when I was saying it. Speaking in front of the school at the elections gave me a sense of what it would be like if I was the Chair of Student Council and I realized how much I wanted it. It was such a rewarding feeling that everyone who voted saw how passionate I was. Seeing that the whole student body believed in me and they wanted me to represent them was such a cool feeling and made my heart happy. I’m looking forward to next year and I already have some ideas brewing!”