Marlins of Mercy: Isabelle Miner


Senior Isabelle Miner and the rest of her Mercy Varsity Basketball team gather in their classic huddle before a game during Miner’s junior year in the the 2017-2018 season. Photo used with permission from Isabelle Miner

“The first time [I tore my ACL] was during summer basketball and that time nobody hit me it was just myself crossing over and my knee went inwards. It was my right knee and that was before freshman year even started, so I was out the whole season. I was not that bothered because I knew I had time to play again. It was just annoying having to go to [physical therapy], but I tried really hard because I knew I needed to be strong to play basketball again. It took a really long time, but after a while I got used to it, like a routine. My first surgery date was July 30, 2015 and the recovery was nine months [until] I could play, but a year to be how I was before.

“I came back sophomore season, but this season at the Divine Child game on January 8, I was stepping out with my left leg and [a] girl came with her knee and hit [mine] and it [went inward] then popped. Now I’m back to where I was.

“It hurt the same amount, but the first time it swelled a lot and this time it didn’t. Both times the trainers said I was fine and that I probably just sprained something, so I thought I would be back quick, but then I got the MRI and it showed a torn ACL, so that was disappointing because I thought I was okay. I also partially tore my meniscus both times, too. This time it gives out a lot more and gets stuck. The other [time] I would walk fine, but this time I can’t walk as good as I could.

“Physically it’s kind of the same, but mentally it’s different because now I know that I’m done and I probably won’t play in college. Maybe I’ll do intramural, but I’m not gonna be super competitive. It’s just sad now because I’m a senior and this was going to be a fun season. It’s annoying and disappointing, but I can’t really do anything about it, so I have to stay positive, support my team, and try to get back. In my head I know I don’t have to work as hard at [physical therapy] this time because it’s not like I’m coming back to be super competitive. I don’t have to be super intense.

When things happen that are not what you expect, you need to find a way to stay positive and make the best out of it. Freshman year I was sad, obviously, but I found ways to help the team and support them even though I couldn’t play. Now, it’s kind of the same because I’m going to have to find different ways to be a leader. Usually, I lead on the court, but now I have to try to be more vocal and give people advice off the court which I feel is good for me because I didn’t really have to do that before. It’s really taught me to stay positive and have a good mindset because you can’t really do anything about it. You can’t change it, so why be sad?”