Marlins of Mercy: Mrs. Missy Kreucher


“I was looking for a part-time job that would give me a similar schedule to Kylie’s, my daughter. She’s a junior at Mercy. For me, working at the same place my daughter goes to school is great. For her — I’m not sure. She might have a different perspective! But there’s nothing I don’t like about this job. I like getting to know more girls. I like it when I feel like I’ve been helpful to someone. I’ve helped girls researching a specific topic or looking for books in our library. I’ve even helped a couple girls with editing college essays. Editing is kind of my speciality. That felt good to help. My first big extra activity will be taking over Mrs. Mallory’s advisor group when she goes on pregnancy leave. I’m not scared — I’m really looking forward to it. It’ll be an opportunity to meet even more girls. My other favorite part of Mercy is the spiritual aspect. There are a lot of mornings at home when I forget to pray, so I love my daily morning prayers with the Mercy community.”