Marlins of Mercy: Mark Hansen


Mark Hansen is the lead mentor for Mercy’s robotics team, the Riveters

“I am the lead mentor for The Riveters, Mercy’s robotics team. I started out as a regular mentor and found that I could contribute a lot more to the team. Eventually, the board of directors asked me to be the lead mentor. I have two favorite things about being the lead mentor for the robotics team. First, I like helping students figure out where they want to go in life. This is a perfect opportunity to help students develop [their skills]. Second, I like building something, something newer and bigger and better. It’s important to promote STEM in Mercy because it offers an awesome career path. I would like to inspire as many students to consider STEM as possible. If you are not interested in traditional engineering or science, you can be a business person working with engineers and scientists. Robotics introduces you to STEM and is a good experience, regardless of what you are doing in it. My favorite thing about The Riveters is the spirit of the team. Everyone is so excited to be here. They are courteous and they really take care of each other. It’s an inspiring atmosphere, and just a wonderful place to be.”