Marlins of Mercy: Alexa Stauske


“I have lived in five countries altogether. Three of those counties I lived in twice and I have been to around 50 countries throughout my life. I lived in China, Germany, England, France and here, my favorite being Germany. I like the culture and the languages there. It was very pretty. I used to live in downtown Munich and everything was walkable from where I lived. We lived close to the city center which was shops and old buildings. There is a church in the middle of it. That was my favorite park because it was easy to walk to. On a school day, we would drive to my international school but sometimes we would walk to get things downtown. Here you have to drive everywhere. The city center is especially pretty during Christmas.

Another thing I loved about Germany were the mountains. We would go there every weekend or we would drive by them. Where I lived was about an hour or two away from the mountains and you could see them from Munich. I skied there almost every weekend and the mountains were really pretty. It’s good ski hills. The snow is soft and the view is amazing. I complain about the ski hills here in Michigan because they are nothing compared to the mountains we used to ski on.

When I lived in China, I lived in Shanghai. There were two sides to the city separated by a river, and it wasn’t westernized yet. The culture there was different because where we lived was all Chinese people. I got to experience the types of street food and how the locals would eat it. The lifestyle there is completely different from the one in Germany and the one here. Going to and living in all these countries is so much fun because they are all unique in their own way.”