Marlins of Mercy: Kaitlyn Zablock


“The summer before my sophomore year I was really bored and I found myself on YouTube. I started watching a prom makeup tutorial video, and I became obsessed with the makeup artist’s looks and the way she totally transformed herself. From there, I started to watch more makeup tutorials on YouTube. I decided to start buying more makeup products so I could replicate the makeup looks I saw.

I get my makeup from Sephora or Ulta, really a mix of both. My favorite brands would be Maybelline, Morphe, or HUDA Beauty, and I do recommend buying from these brands. My favorite makeup product is eyeliner because I love drawing wings with it.

I started a makeup account on Instagram to showcase my makeup looks over this past summer. I was in Chicago with my friends, and they said they loved my makeup and that I had done it so well. I started the account for fun, but I realized how interesting it is to interact online with other people who share my passion for makeup. My friends have been very supportive of my hobby and passion and ask me to do their makeup often. I will have my friends model for my account sometimes, and I post pictures of their finished makeup looks that I have created. Makeup companies or other makeup artists will leave positive comments on my photos or direct message me on Instagram to tell me they love my work. I will also receive messages from other makeup artists’ accounts asking me to check out their work, and I like seeing the looks that other artists create. My account is growing, but it is hard to create makeup looks and post them while managing school and a job.

I do my own makeup and I really love makeup because there are no set rules. It is possible to even change the shape of your face and there is so much creativity involved. My favorite makeup look is a super glammed-out face like for prom or going out with friends. I get to use every element of makeup, which would be different from natural makeup, which is just filling in my eyebrows and using mascara and concealer. Makeup is my creative outlet, and I have so many opportunities with makeup to create whatever look I desire.”