Marlins of Mercy: Shantell Thoms


“I was working at Detroit Public Schools before Mercy and I wanted a calm setting. I love that [Mercy] is diverse, and I love to learn about different cultures [and] different ethics. The whole overall setting is overall very calm and mellow. No arguments, no fighting, nothing of that nature. I get the concept of us being here in a military form, and we don’t want to scare you guys away. We want to bring you guys to us so we can know how your day goes and what is going on so we might help you guys learn better in an exciting environment so everyone feels excited coming to Mercy. It is so great that you come to us. It makes me and the other security guard feel like we have a home, with our own children. Our main concern is keeping things not supposed to be in the school out of Mercy. Having a good amount of knowledge on the people in the school makes it easier to keep people safe. Saying ‘hi’ in the hall or ‘goodbye’ as you leave makes us feel like a part of the community you have here. Being friends with you all is definitely the best part of working. Not to mention the food! That is definitely a bonus.”