Marlins of Mercy: Mary Doman


“I love Mercy because  I feel like every person [at Mercy] is there to help you and be your friend genuinely.

My freshman year I made many friends, and after I listened to the speech at Moving Up by Taylor Babcock, she inspired me [to run for presidency] and so did that whole student council. They always seemed super excited, they wanted to get participation from the whole school, and overall they were good leaders. They were good role models for girls, and Taylor really inspired me. They did so much throughout the whole school year, which I wanted to bring back.

Throughout my sophomore and junior years, after I grew more as a person, I wanted to make more changes [to Mercy] and see how I could personally influence the school.

I have implemented a lot of new traditions this year and kept up with some of our past traditions too. There is a special event coming up at the end of October, it’s a pep rally, and that’s a really big thing that we’re doing. As a whole student council, we are also planning on doing a lot more events through the school year.

[After four years at Mercy, next year, when I’m gone,] I will miss the people most for sure. I will miss everyone I’ve met, the connections I’ve made, and just the experience of being [at Mercy] on the fun days like Moving Up and Field Day.

These four years do go by fast. When the freshmen remember me, I want them to be inspired to do something they wouldn’t usually do; to be outgoing. And I want them to remember me as someone who was there for them and listened to their ideas and wasn’t only a hardworking person but was someone fun and genuine.

I don’t want people to take their time in high school for granted. I want them to embrace it. I think high school is different for everyone and everyone takes away different things, but it’s your time and you should make the best of it no matter what you do.”