Marlins of Mercy: Frankie Bellisario


Senior Frankie Bellisario smiles as she expresses her excitement for her upcoming trip to New York. (Photo Credit: Skyler Black)

“I’ve been taking voice lessons for 13 years now. It started off as a little kid thing. I liked to sing, and my parents said I needed an extracurricular activity, so they put me in lessons, and it kind of just stuck. It turned into something that I am really passionate about.

I was in a band for a long time, and through that, I was the main writer for our songs, which got me into composing songs. Once I went solo, I started writing my own songs, and it became a way where I could let my feelings out. For me, writing is equally as important as singing because it makes the song I am singing important, and thus I can make a greater impact on people who are listening, because if you’re singing a song you really don’t have any connection to, then the audience is going to feel that lack of connection too.

What started as an extra activity turned into something so much more. This week, I am leaving for New York to go shoot a music video for my own music that I am coming out with soon on my new album.

Music is a great outlet for me, and I am planning to go to school in New York not for music, but for forensic psychology. But the fact that I will be in New York studying also means that I’ll have opportunities to still work on my music during my free time. Whatever path life takes me on, I’m okay with. I never expect anything to happen in life, but I do hope for a future that allows me to continue pursuing my passion of music.”