Marlins of Mercy: Lindsey Walton


Freshman Lindsey Walton studies her script during one of the daily after-school rehearsals. With upcoming performances approaching quickly, the cast is working on memorizing lines and cues so that script books become unnecessary. (Photo Credit: Shannon Seabolt)

“[Acting in the U of D plays and musicals] is a lot of fun. I’ve done a lot of theatre at U of D and acted at my old grade school since around 2012. In middle school, I was part of the U of D student choir for the musicals. They have the student choir for students who aren’t in high school. I’m the only freshman in the play from Mercy. There are only two other freshmen in the cast besides me and they’re both boys. [Even though I’m the only freshman], we’re all friends. It’s like a family over there. It’s fun to become a different character. I just love to act. The play that we’re doing is Up the Down Staircase and I play the character Vivian. She’s very jealous of her sister and the new teacher because they’re a lot prettier than her. She soon starts to like the new teacher and realizes that she wants to become an English teacher. I think my character is a lot like me, so I like to play her. [However,] there’s this one line in the beginning of that play that I just hate because it’s terrible English. So I’m still working on being able to pull it off.”