Marlins of Mercy: Morgan Leake


Leake smiles as she shares about her self-growth

“My biggest accomplishment that I carry with me is self growth and my mental change because eighth grade was a very hard year for me mentally, and I was very depressed. This carried on into ninth grade and I had a lot of thoughts where I didn’t want to live anymore. I hated everything–life , other people and even myself. I thought I was ugly and had no confidence. However, over time I learned to accept myself and realize that I can’t change [myself], and I can’t change others. I just have to change my environment. So, I got help and started thinking positive thoughts.

I changed how I perceived life and now I’m much happier. It started with how I woke up. Before, I would wake up dreading the day. Now I try thinking positively. I try to start the day thinking [that] today is a new day, it’s a fresh start, it’s different from yesterday and I’m going to try [to] be better than what I was yesterday. Every day, try to find something good and try to constantly think positive thoughts. When you do have negative thoughts, address them, address your emotions and say, you know I’m not feeling good today. Why is that? Throw yourself a pity party and then continue on.

One way I try to move on is writing on paper what is bothering me, then I write why it is bothering me and last I will write what I need to do to stop this from bothering me. This helps me address my problem as well as find a solution to it. You can’t hide your depression,. You have to address it and then you will be able to move on.”