Student Spotlight: Sarah Stanners


Senior Sarah Stanners works on her drawing of a turtle.

Jessica Montgomery, Associate Editor-in-Chief

Senior Sarah Stanners loves nothing more than art.  During her free time, she can always be found painting, drawing or taking pictures.

She first discovered her passion for art in the fourth grade.  She would look at various pictures and paintings and redraw them with an astounding accuracy.  Stanners soon found that art was her true talent.

Over time, her talent grew, but the media she used changed. Although she still loves drawing, she focuses on acrylic and watercolor paintings as well as photography.

Stanners plans to be an art major in college at either Central Michigan University, Aquinas College, or the Columbus College of Art and Design.

“I haven’t figured out which art path I want to go down yet,” said Stanners, “but I am sure I want to pursue some career in art.  I love how I can express my creativity through my drawings and paintings, so it’s definitely something I want to pursue.”