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Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


National French Week- All Around Me, La Francophonie!

French classes all around the country, including Mercy High School, are celebrating French culture during National French Week, November 6-10. 

National French Week is a highly anticipated week, one students look forward to for the entire year. The American Association of teachers of French sponsors National French Week, a week celebrating French culture and giving French students an opportunity to learn more about the French-speaking world. 


National French Week turns the classroom into a learning vessel for students to enjoy learning about all things French in a non-traditional, fun way. National French Week includes a variety of activities for students to enjoy. Every National French Week has a different theme celebrated in classrooms. 


“The theme this year is ‘All Around Me, La Francophonie!’ and we celebrate it in terms of cuisine, cultural ethnicity, and giving facts.” Madame Joyce Campbell, long time Mercy High School French teacher and member of the American Association of Teachers of French, said. 


National French Week highlights and immerses French students in the culture of the French speaking world, not just the mother country of France. 


National French Week has a meaningful impact on French students’ views of their French education. 


“I love French week. I think it’s super fun and I love doing it with my classmates,” junior Ava Evangelista said. 


To enhance cultural enrichment during National French Week, French classes decorate tee shirts, participate in crafts, paint, learn about historical facts and fiction, cook, and eat creeps.    


“It is traditionally a week where we are integrating cultural enrichment into our lessons for that entire week,” Campbell said. “It’s one week of fun, let loose, with non-traditional classroom instruction.” 


The Mercy Cafe also participates in National French Week, serving a new French themed lunch everyday for students to purchase. This year each day has a lunch themed around a different French speaking area of the world. The Cafe lunches encourage all students to enjoy the foods of different French speaking countries. 


Through National French Week, French students learn about all things French and gain a new appreciation for the culture of the French-speaking world all around them.


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