From Mercy’s auditorium to television


Photo used with permission from Ella Harris.

Harris chose to follow her passion of performing and will continue to do similar projects in the future.

Caitlyn Begosa

Junior Ella Harris was about to give up pursuing a career in acting as COVID-19 canceled many theater-related events. Dispirited by the situation, Harris was overjoyed to be given an opportunity of a lifetime by starring in a commercial for Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services’s app, MI COVID Alert.

    Harris received the news about the MI COVID Alert audition from her agent. She created an audition tape, fulfilling the requirements and hoping to be chosen for the commercial. 

 “The first time I found out that I was a possible option for the role was when I was sent an email saying that the role was between me and one other girl,” said Harris. “I read this email in my car, and I was rejoicing. I would have never thought I would actually be in the top two. A few days later, they sent me an email congratulating me as I had earned the part. I was ecstatic. Never in my life had I thought I would make it as far as a commercial.”

Harris arrived at a park in Novi in a stunning yellow prom dress to begin filming.

“Being on set was absolutely amazing,” said Harris. “Once I was actually being filmed, it was extremely cold outside, and it took about two hours to complete my solo shots, but the production team was incredible and they treated all of us actors [and] actresses with the utmost respect, commemorating us for staying so persistent even in the freezing weather.”

Not expecting to have a large part in the commercial, Harris was surprised to see she was one of the main actresses featured in the project.

“I thought I would only have a single line,” said Harris. “Yet, I was given another one in the 60 second version of the commercial, which was amazing news for me to hear. I was so beyond excited.”

This will not be the last project Harris plans to act in, as this experience has motivated her to persevere in following her dream. 

“Acting, singing, theater and filming are what make me who I am,” said Harris. “I will not stop chasing my potential future and my dream, and I will continue to put [forward] my gifts, which God has given me to the best of my ability, as I hope to inspire others in the future.”