A New Creative Outlet for Students


Photo by Caitlyn Begosa

Junior Katelyn Moyer shows her love for Halloween by wearing a spooky ghost mask to celebrate the holiday.

With Mercy girls having to follow a dress code of a collared shirt and a certain color skirt, there is not much room for students to express themselves through their clothes and style.

Since Mercy High School requires students to wear a face covering to enter the building due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students now have a new platform to express their individuality while wearing their uniform. 

Besides the standard disposable masks, Mercy girls can be seen wearing reusable masks ranging from solid colors to more elaborate designs like stripes and polka dots.

“I have pretty basic [masks],” said junior Katelyn Moyer. “ I have a blue one, a polka dot one and I also have a ghost one for Halloween.”

Wearing masks not only protects the students from COVID-19, but can be used as a new creative outlet for students to share their creativeness and style with their peers while still following the dress code.

“I’m glad the dress code isn’t requiring [us] to wear a color-coded mask or a certain mask for school,” said Moyer. “They’re letting us wear what we would like.”