Freshwomen participate in campaign process for Class Officer Board positions


Julianna Tague

Jessica Koehler ‘24 took to Instagram to raise awareness of her campaign and provide information on her eligibility. Many other candidates did the same.

Members of the class of 2024 began the campaigning process for positions on the Class Officer Board Sep. 8.

This year’s lineup is diverse and made up of 13 different students, which the class of ‘24 moderator Trish Brown says is cause for celebration.

“[The number of candidates running] varies from year to year,” Brown said. “Having 13 girls running for [student government] is super exciting! This year’s candidates are also much more diverse than in past years, which is a beautiful thing.”

Sage Johnson ‘24, who was among the 13 who campaigned, says she feelt confident about the process despite there being many other candidates.

“I was in student government at my old school,” Johnson said. “In fifth grade, I was a student representative. In seventh grade, I was treasurer. And last year, I was Vice President. But during those last two years, I still served the council as a representative, and people always came to me with ideas.”

Johnson says that she tried her best to incorporate those ideas into her school’s culture but that it was often difficult to do so when her peers weren’t necessarily as involved.

“We had [student council] presidents who didn’t really execute any of those ideas,” Johnson said. “I wanted to be the change that could do that.”

Jessica Khoeler ‘24, also among the candidates, reports having a similar experience in the past and is hopeful that Mercy will provide more opportunities for student leadership.

“Things just didn’t really get done properly,” Khoeler said. “I wanted to be a part of something better. At Mercy, I feel like people are genuine about being in student government and that it’s a much better experience.”

Johnson, Khoeler and the 11 other candidates completed interviews and applications Sep. 16 and had until Sep. 18 to campaign.