A day off for mental health


Photo used with permission from Sadie MillerWright.

Junior Sadie MillerWright and her friends pose at the Detroit Yacht Club on their Wednesday off.

On Wednesday September 23, Mercy administration decided to give both students and staff a day off for mental health. This mid-week break was orchestrated collectively by members of administration and served as a much-needed rest for Mercy attendees. 

“We know that learning won’t occur optimally if people are feeling stressed,” Mercy principal Mrs. Sattler said. “So as an administration we talked about ways that we might help to alleviate that, and giving time for regenerating and reenergizing is what came to the top.”

Junior Sadie MillerWright was excited for her Wednesday off, and used it for relaxation. She took full advantage of the beautiful sunny weather and spent the day at the Detroit Yacht Club with her friends. 

“I’m really glad to have this mental health day,” said MillerWright. “School’s been so stressful, and having a day off really helps me organize my thoughts.”

Mrs. Sattler understands the importance of recharging mentally and hopes that everyone takes that time to unwind. She is also open to adding more mental wellness days as the school year progresses. There are two days off around the time of parent teacher conferences in October as well. 

“We understand that right now it is so physically and mentally taxing for both our staff and our students with everything going on and adjusting to the hybrid model,” Mrs. Sattler said. “If we’re at this pace throughout the year, we’ll have to continue to do so… we’re building on what we’ve learned.”