Mercy’s new M-Zone


Sophomore Anna Rimatski and junior Clare Wildern take a warm up lap around the newly-installed indoor track. Photo by Megan Mallie

Mercy’s athletes have recently gained a new space to utilize: the M-Zone indoor training facility. Located in what used to be the locker room, it has lots to offer including an indoor track and a grassy turf space in the center. Athletes in a multitude of sports will now be able to condition downstairs in this newly renovated area. 

This time-consuming project was overseen by cross country and track and field head coach Mike Montijo, who set his idea into motion in August. His persistence in working to finish the project has paid off, seeing as it is finally completed after about six months. When he looks at the facility, he sees beyond the fresh paint and turf; he knows the hard work and dedication that made the finished space possible. 

“It took 990 work hours just to get the place ready to go,” said coach Montijo. “The difficult part was coordinating all the labor to get it done.”

Junior Katie Kim was one of the volunteers over the summer who helped to dismantle the lockers, collect nuts and bolts, and haul metal and concrete up the stairs. Now, she is looking forward to using this indoor space to train for the upcoming track season.

“I like the extra practice space so during the winter I can practice high jump,” said Kim. “It gives me the ability to actually practice [indoors] in the winter.”

With this new space comes great potential for Mercy athletes to condition and improve in a facility built just for them. The M-Zone is an exciting new addition to the school, offering a space for athletes to utilize and enjoy.