Quiz Bowl’s first meet


Juniors Laura Boesch (left) and Jill Grubb (right) looking over their notes before their next game against the University of Detroit Jesuit (UoD Brown). Photo by Emily Walugembe

Mercy’s Quiz Bowl team visited Country Day High School for their first meet of the school year on Nov. 4. Many members had set goals for themselves or their teams for the meet.

“I hope I answer more than two questions,” said sophomore Sineen Raslan, a member of the Black junior varsity team. Last year, Raslan was on Quiz Bowl’s novice team and was afraid to answer questions because she was new to the game. But during the meet, Raslan’s team won one out of two games and she answered more than two questions.

“I hope we win more than two games and I answer more than four questions,” said sophomore Caitlyn Begosa, a member of the White varsity team. Begosa’s team won two games and she answered more than two questions. 

“I hope we win all [of] our games and give 110 percent,” said junior Chari Gibert, a member of Mercy Gold junior varsity team. Gibert’s team won one out of two games. 

“[This year], my goal is to get some of our varsity teams into nationals,” said Latin teacher and Quiz Bowl moderator Mrs. Lauren Marquard. Quiz Bowl meets every Tuesday in the media center after school. Before meets, students practice different Quiz Bowl questions that focus on mythology, math, science, literature, and history every Tuesday after school in the media center. 

During practices the students sometimes break up into novice, junior varsity, and varsity groups and practice with people that are at the same level as them. The funniest way to practice for many students is with Kahoot! It keeps them engaged because they’re competing with one another and looking at material they’ll need to know. Mrs. Marquard encourages students to practice outside of club practices and has resources on the the club’s Schoology page for them to look over.