Mercy Executive Board preps the red carpet


Mercy’s Executive Board has been planning the “Lights, Camera, Homecoming!” event for the past two months, bringing new activities, games, and events to draw even more students in. Photo used with permission from Caitlin Flynn

Mercy’s newly elected Executive Board has planned a showstopping theme for this year’s spirit week: “Lights, Camera, Homecoming!”

Every day of spirit week revolves around the idea of the red carpet and movie inspired dress attire. Ranging from Monday’s “The Breakfast Club” where students may choose to dress up as their favorite breakfast food, “The Breakfast Club” character, or just in their pajamas, to “Back to the Future” where students can dress according to their favorite decade.

Executive Board Members Macey Earle, Gabby Pluszczynski, Suha Qashou, and Caitlin Flynn are working nonstop and trying to encourage school-wide participation this year by allowing all grades to participate in the same themes every day. In past years, individual themes have been split up according to grades, but this spirit week, the Executive Board decided this method will promote unity throughout the school.

Board member Gabby Pluszczynski says the theme for this homecoming week was sparked at a sit-down the four members had.

“It really morphed into something when we had our leadership conference and threw around ideas with the entire student government,” Pluszczynski said.

Collectively, the Executive Board tries to promote all student events by participating and attending Mercy events themselves.

“As an Executive Board, that means trying to make it to as many events as possible, being enthusiastic about every activity Mercy has to offer, and spreading awareness for all the school activities via announcements and social media,” Pluszczynski said.

Each Executive Board member led their own committee this year, focusing on one specific aspect of making spirit week as enjoyable and interesting as possible. In charge of the publicity committee, Caitlin Flynn worked to promote the entire week and homecoming dance through promotional videos, posters, announcements, and social Media. Gabby Pluszczynski’s committee, all about spirit week, was aimed at finalizing daily themes, activities, and games for students to participate in. Macey Earle, in charge of Mercy Field Day, worked to come up with games and interesting events for the students to watch or engage in. Suha Qashou’s committee, the homecoming dance, helped decorate the gym, hire a DJ, and finalize plans for the movie-themed night.

“I am incredibly excited to see how this week works out,” Flynn said. “[I] am so proud of the hard work and dedication student government has poured into this week.”