Talking with Tarps


Mercy freshman opening up to Mrs. Tarplin at a Talk with Tarps. Photo by Caitlin Flynn

Many students criticize or may have a hard time understanding certain rules or policies at Mercy, but may be too scared to say something in fear of getting in trouble. To create a bridge between the students and administration, Dean of Students Mrs. Eleasha Tarplin created Talks with Tarps.

Talks with Tarps takes place in the Auditorium/Gym Lobby once a cycle on rotating days during 5th hour. It allows students to address concerns with event dates, rules, dress codes, scheduling, etc. and to get clarification or even a date change for the students’ benefit. The first Talk with Tarps occurred on August 29 and it was a success for her and Mercy juniors and seniors.

During the first Talk with Tarps, a few students brought their concerns regarding the Christmas Dance date being the Friday before finals. After speaking with Mrs. Tarplin, they were able to get the date changed to satisfy their fellow classmates.

“I can’t help the girls if I don’t know what’s going on,” said Mrs. Tarplin. “I started Talk with Tarps so the girls could come to me with their issues.”

Mrs. Tarplin started this small, yet innovative program to connect with the students and help with whatever she can.  So far, students came to Mrs. Tarplin about changing the dates of A-Ball and senior prom and she listened. Talks with Tarps gives the students a say in what goes on at Mercy. It is their opportunity to bring their questions or concerns to her so she can listen.

“I am so happy that it has been successful through the past two cycles,” said Mrs. Tarplin. “Talk with Tarps will hopefully be a long-term thing.”