Microscopes, goggles, and labs oh my!


Mercy junior and Science Club officer Macey Earle shows off her paper airplane making skills to go along with the Science Club’s theme of flight. Photo by Carrie Jefferson

As members of Science Club file into the gym, one question remains: what could be the activity today? Behind the scenes, Science Club officers Abby Najar, Christina Thomas, Alexis Dickie, Savannah Najor, and Macey Earle team up with the science teacher moderators to plan successful meetings.

“I wanted to be an officer because I have loved Science Club and wanted to be able to help out with the behind the scenes part of the club,” said junior and Science Club officer Macey Earle.

Since the club is so large and there are only four meetings throughout the year, the officers and moderators carefully plan each activity to help the processes run smoothly. First, girls most likely begin in the gym while the officers explain the activity for the day. Next, everyone splits up and goes into different classrooms to do the lab in separate groups. The materials will already be ready in each room and as the activities commence, the officers walk around, take pictures, and make sure everything is running correctly.

“After finding success [in the lab], they may try a different way or they will re-evaluate,” said Earle. “We encourage the girls to come up with the best version possible.”

Once club meetings end, the officers stick around to clean up and come up with even more ideas for future meetings to keep the club interesting to its members.

“This year, we started incorporating contests and prizes into the club, so I would like to play that up more and make that a bigger part of the club,” said Earle. “I think if people have an incentive in mind, they would be more willing to go the extra mile and make something very creative and unique on whatever we’re working on during a specific activity.”

From building paper airplanes to see which one could fly the farthest to bird demonstrations, the club is always full of fun.

“This year, the theme had something to do with flight, so normally the activity would be about [flight],” said freshman Mary Tartoni.

Science Club certainly delivered on their underlying theme.

“A lady came in with four different birds and took each of them out to explain their specific characteristics,” said Earle. “It was very interesting and I think a lot of the girls enjoyed it.”

In the past, some other experiments have included building light switches and electrical circuits.

“My favorite thing is the experiments we do because they are interesting and extremely hands on and a creative way to have fun,” said junior Angelene Alexander. “I joined because I was interested in the topic, but I also want to go to medical school to become a PA.”

Whether a girl is in the club out of pure interest or wishes to further their science careers, the club is all about the experience.