Mercy’s iWizards enter the world of Microsoft


Sophomore Mya Williams works on coding her own game. The iWizards look forward to implementing the knowledge they gained regarding coding and technology production into future projects. Photo used with permission from Madison Konja

Mercy’s tech team, the iWizards, went on a field trip to the Microsoft Tech Center in Detroit on February 11. The group got to see and get a hands on experience with new technological advancements including game making, coding, organization, and education.

While the iWizards were there, they had the opportunity to experience the real world of the tech industry. The group was led around the building and got to see many new pieces of technology including tablets and virtual reality goggles. They enjoyed a tour of the office spaces and a representation of a Microsoft employee’s typical work day.

The iWizards also participated in a hands on experience of what goes into making a new piece of technology. The girls crafted their own game joystick using copper strips and wires and tested their product. They also created their own code for apps and tested different functions of apps.

Junior Madison Konja, one of the iWizard officers, helped set up the field trip with the group’s moderator, Associate Principal Mr. Larry Baker.

“My favorite part was learning about Microsoft’s different products and how they affect our community,” Konja said. “Microsoft values the advancement of education using technology.”

The girls took away so much more than just an experience, Konja remarked. They learned many new things that they are looking forward to implementing into the iWizard program and freshmen orientation next year, like new and improved apps for the incoming freshmen to use.

The iWizards are preparing for the new opportunities coming to the group, and hope to go on similar field trips in the future to gain more knowledge about the world of technology and better the future of their club.