A Mercy Mother-Daughter Bond

Every year, the Mercy Mother’s Club hosts a mother daughter event with the goal of bringing them closer together. The mother, daughter bond is strengthened by going to mass, enjoying food, and doing activities together. This year’s slogan was “closer together, closer to God”. Many mother daughter duos appeared and grew together, even some grandmothers joined.

An array of food was served at the event including vegan and vegetarian options.

Mothers and daughters eat, talk, and watch a slideshow full of pictures of the daughters with their moms.

This year’s theme “closer together, closer to God” was brought out during the celebration of mass, and an activity which tested how well daughters know their mothers, and vise versa.

Many delicious desserts were served and everyone filled their plates with sweet treats.

After mass, mothers and daughters gathered in a large, beautiful room to eat, talk, and participate in activities.

Mass was celebrated in a beautiful chapel. Mercy students Camille Compton and Julia Metas helped celebrate mass by doing the readings.

Junior Camille Compton eats and talks with her mother and grandmother about the conversation cards each group was given.

As a thank you to moms who have done so much for Mercy girls, students wrote their mother a letter, sharing how much they love them and how thankful they are for them. The letters are being sent to their homes so their mothers can receive them at a random time.

Mothers and daughters wait anxiously as tables go up for food. Conversation and love filled the room.

Junior Sabrina Long takes a picture with her mother. The photos are available on the photographer’s website.

The goal of growing closer together and closer to God was accomplished through mass, conversation, and activities that made mothers and daughters know each other a bit better than before.