Mercy Robotics look towards the new season


The 2017-18 Riveters celebrate a win with their extremely successful steampunk themed competition. Photo used with permission from Daniel Jonathan Ernst

To Katie Mueller, robotics was simply a way to get into the world of engineering. However, it was her grandparents, parents, uncles, and two brothers who encouraged her to join. Unlike the majority of her family, Mueller didn’t want to work with technology. Yet, she is now the Fabrication and Design lead, in charge of designing and building the robot that competes at the events.

A popular misconception of robotics is that the team only builds robots. However, through other vital parts of the team, such as the Strategy Sub Team, there are many more moving parts behind the scenes. To make it to Nationals or Worlds, so many different people are needed to enhance the team. One does not have to be good with computers or coding or architecture. Instead, one just has to have the drive and passion to get projects done, while being able to be a team player.

Providing support and confidence to other team members helps the Riveters through the long nights and many hours working on their separate agendas. This atmosphere often connects the girls and creates lifelong friendships. It was through Mary Marquette (‘18) that Mueller became enchanted with the world of robots, and Marquette was the one who trained Mueller to become the head of Fabrication and Design. They are still strong friends to this day.

The Riveters are constantly looking to expand their group of creators. It is through each other’s differences that they are able to produce their best work. With more competitions on the horizon, their soonest being March 1, the Riveters are excited to see what the new season will bring.

“There is always a place for you on the Riveters, whether it’s now or not for another year or two,” said Mueller. “If you love robots that’s amazing, but just like the real world, our team needs photographers, designers, writers, social media stars, and a lot more. Whatever you love to do, the robotics family has a place for you to do it.”

Watch the Riveters compete March 1 and 2 in Gibraltar with their new designs!