Most wonderful time of the year for Mercyaires


Mercyaires are in unison from their harmonious voices down to their sparkling red dresses. This year at the Christmas assembly they sang “White Christmas.” Photo by Mary McGreevy

Although panic is on the minds of every Mercy girl the week before finals, the Christmas assembly always helps to spread some Christmas cheer. The Mercyaires’ rendition of “White Christmas” brought smiles to the audience of fellow students and teachers. Their annual tradition of performing on Red & Green Day at the Christmas assembly is anticipated by many as they sing and dance in harmony to a Christmas classic.

Mercyaires is composed of sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Junior Anna Sauer has been in Mercyaires for two years and is a first soprano. Hesitant at first, Sauer is so happy to have joined the group.

“I tried out for the musical my freshman year and I really liked the theater atmosphere,” she said. “Someone told me to try out [for Mercyaires] since auditions are in April, but I didn’t think I would.”

She admitted the audition process was nerve-wracking and remembered looking on the board and seeing her name posted on the list of girls who made it. Since then she has adopted the whole look, complete with the sparkly red dress and black heels.

The Mercyaires perform at concerts around the area and their most popular season is Christmastime. They have mastered some of the classics we know and love, such as an a cappella version of “Mary, Did You Know?” performed at the Christmas assembly last year.

“I like sharing my passion [of singing] with others,” Sauer said. “Being in Mercyaires has helped me be more confident about myself.”