Marlin mascot returns


The Mercy Marlin shows its school spirit with its maroon and gold pom poms at a volleyball game against Marian High School. Photo used with permission from Hannah O’Sullivan

Nothing else gets a Mercy crowd cheering louder than the dance moves of their very own mascot, the Mercy Marlin. Although the Marlin may seem like a staple of a Mercy sporting event now, the enthusiastic fish has not always been a part of Mercy.

Recently, the Mercy Marlin mascot has been re-introduced to Mercy, thanks to the hard work of Mercy’s very own spirit club, Fishbowl. After the old suit became too worn out and was deemed unsafe to wear, the club began raising money with a goal of buying a brand new Marlin suit.

“The process [of raising money for a new suit] began with the directors of Athletics reaching out to Mrs. Tarplin for administrative approval,” said senior Fishbowl leader Kristin Rzepecki.     

After being granted approval, the leaders of the club were able to begin fundraising. The girls raised money largely from dues and sales, and eventually raised enough to purchase a new suit.

At that point, the search for a Mercy student with enough enthusiasm and spirit to embody the school’s mascot began. The student chosen to take on the responsibilities of being the Marlin must keep her identity a secret until her senior graduation, when her identity will finally be revealed. Fishbowl hopes the secrecy will add a fun mystery element to the Marlin’s identity.

“The Marlin is expected to be a beacon of joy and fun,” said Rzepecki.

The duty of the Marlin is large, as the student is responsible for attending several Mercy functions until their senior year. Committing to the position of Marlin is similar to committing to any other team because the Mercy girl must be willing to make herself available whenever she is needed. By request, most teams and clubs can have the Marlin cheer at their event.

With a mascot, Fishbowl hopes to achieve a better turnout at sports games and to increase the excitement surrounding any type of Mercy function. Not only will students show up to events to support their Mercy sisters, but now they can also look forward to the Marlin’s appearance. Rzepecki said she strongly believes the Marlin will increase the energy and spirit at Mercy gatherings.

“Who doesn’t have more school spirit after seeing a dancing Marlin? Or feel the love that emanates from the Marlin Suscipe Circle?” Rzepecki said.