Science club flies into another year


Seniors Christina Thomas and Abby Najar had a successful first meeting building paper airplanes to go with the flight theme. Photo by Alyssa Johnston

At the beginning of every school year, an email is sent out to students telling them to select a club to commit to for the rest of the school year. At times, this can be a difficult task because most students do not know what they are getting into when they sign up. Science Club is one of the biggest clubs at Mercy with over 150 girls involved. It is the perfect club for girls who appreciate science or could see their future in a field of science, but it is also the right choice for anyone who just wants to have a good time.

“Science Club is an hour, four times a year, where students get to enjoy science without being assessed or having homework,” said Science Club moderator Mrs. Lisa Schrimscher. “They can just enjoy the art of science.”

Science Club includes a variety of activities, demonstrations, and speakers. Each year a theme is assigned and the activities are based on that theme. This year the theme is flight.

“The thing about flight is that you don’t really get the opportunity to learn about it in any high school class,” said Mrs. Schrimscher. “The idea is to learn a little bit about flight. We have made paper airplanes, we are going to make rockets, and have [people who study and work with birds] come in. Birds have flight ability and we are going to learn how we are mimicking that as a society to be able to fly.”

Students involved always take a particular liking to Science Club because it is something fun that they are passionate about. This is no exception for club officers, seniors Christina Thomas and Abby Najar ,who have both been members since sophomore year.

“I first joined because I did not know what else to join and all of my friends were in the club,” said Najar. “When I finally saw all of the activities that they do and all of the fun, I really enjoyed it. It is a very hands-on club that you get to be active in, which is very different from most of the other clubs.”

Science Club helps many girls who want to go into a science field after college because they are able to maintain their love for science.

“For me, [going into a science field after college] has been for forever,” said Thomas. “This is my passion. I love science, I want to be a doctor. It is something I like and I am good at, and I just want to help people. This is the best way for me to do that.”

Joining Science Club is a chance for girls to explore something that they might have no interest in, but could potentially learn to find a passion for. Clubs are meant to be something that students are proud to put on their college applications because they enjoyed their time with the club.

“Join 100%,” said Najar. “You don’t even have to like science to join. You don’t have to know anything to join, it is just fun. You don’t have to enjoy science, but you will enjoy Science Club.”