Mercy participates in Michigan College Month


Flyers hang in the counseling hall for students to read and discover new opportunities from colleges all around the country. Photo by Lydia Giroux

To promote Michigan College Month this year, Mercy is introducing some new activities, tips, and tricks to give the current juniors some advice for the upcoming year.

In addition to the email blasts, announcements during Adviser Group, flyers, and monthly newsletters, the counseling department has been working hard to provide opportunities for juniors to start preparing for their future.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays in October, all students will have the opportunity to answer a college-related question for the college trivia. Every correct answer is entered in a drawing and the winner will get to pick a prize from the “College Swag Bag.”

On Mondays and Wednesdays, seniors should check out the Cafeteria during 4th and 5th hour to talk with a counselor while enjoying a free treat. Students will be given advice and assistance for all their college admission process needs.

Finally, many staff members have decorated their office or classroom doors with the college they attended and earned their degree. Students should also look out for staff to be wearing their various college spirit attire throughout the month and are encouraged to begin discussions with them about their college experiences.

Mercy counselor Mrs. Trish Brown said most students, especially juniors, mistakenly get wrapped up in the whole college application process.

“Students think there is only one college out there for her and they make the mistake of believing that [their] college of attendance somehow defines [them], not how the college should fit [them],” said Mrs. Brown.

Within the coming months, juniors will meet with their college counselors for a Junior College Interview. This is a crucial opportunity in starting research about the right school for each student. The Mercy Counseling Department strongly urges juniors to come and talk to them for advice and hopes to promote the college application process among the junior class.

“Overall, we hope to provide more awareness of, and excitement around the idea of applying within our college preparatory community,” Mrs. Brown said.

At such a stressful time in high school with decisions that can be difficult for almost anyone to make, the counseling department hopes to use College Month at Mercy to advertise the college-going process as a time to figure out the best future for each individual.

“College Month so far has been a great learning experience for me,” junior Olivia Mulhern said. “I think it’ll be really helpful for next year.”