Jumping into senior year the right way


The class of 2019 seniors are able to show off their hard work ad enjoy their designs every morning as their parking spots are finally completed. Photo courtesy of Mr. Gary Bank.

Messy hands, splattered paint, and smiles on each senior’s face filled the Mercy parking lot as they decorated their desired spots. Members of the class of 2019 enjoyed the privilege of painting their own parking spot after summer vacation.

The senior class officers looked for ways to raise money for prom in May. After seeing the idea on Buzzfeed and various social media outlets describing how other schools painted parking spots, the senior officers approached the Mercy staff about the idea. After getting approved by Mrs. Christa Polan and Mrs. Angela Harris-Schultheis (the senior class moderators) and Mrs. Eleasha Tarplin (the Dean of Students), the plan was set to go.

“From a moderator’s stand point, it was a creative way for students to express who they were and celebrate being seniors,” said Mrs. Schultheis. Senior class officer Jacqueline Hijaouy says the same.

“We thought it would be a really good way for our class to bond because it allows the girls to be creative and have their own little spot,” said Hijaouy.
Each spot cost $80 for the paint and the spot itself. About 110 seniors participated in this event, which is more than half of the senior class. Supplied with the colors, white, blue, red, and yellow, the seniors expressed who they were with many creative designs. Some of these designs included Disney themes, funny sayings, meaningful quotes, etc. Hijaouy expresses herself with her design of mountains and a song titled “So Will I”.

“This song has a lot of meaning in my life and it has a good message so I wanted to start my morning off right with that little reminder,” said Hijaouy.

Mrs. Schultheis said she hopes the idea can be done again next year.

“I hope we continue this event for the future,” said Mrs. Schultheis. “It was a great bonding experience with friends and family and a celebration for the seniors.”