French Honors Society Induction


The French Honors Society (FHS) hosted its annual induction ceremony on Wed., April 25. At the induction, new sophomore members are inducted and returning junior members are recognized. Along with this, the four 2018-2019 FHS officers were elected: juniors Katie Bullock and Alley Neary and sophomores Charlotte Bridges and Lily Beasley.

Bullock and Neary were both officers last year and enjoyed it so much that they decided to run for the position again.

“I love French, and I love the Mercy French community,” said Bullock. “I wanted to lend my voice [to it] because French Honor Society is such a special part of the Mercy community.”

While an officer, Bullock enjoyed helping plan and execute different activities that FHS held, specifically the French Immersion Day for seventh and eighth graders.

“The highlight of the year was the French Immersion Day,” Bullock said. “We had a lot of people come out and help and it was the biggest attendance we’ve ever had. Seeing the seventh and eighth graders happy and persuading them to take French — it’s just an amazing experience.”

New officers Bridges and Beasley have similar hopes to grow and strengthen the French program. This all stems from a shared love of the French language and Mercy French community.

“I wanted to run because I’m really into the French program,” Bridges said. “I don’t do sports, and I don’t do theater, so it’s my thing.”

Beasley also has a passion for the French program that led her to run.

“I decided to run because French is my favorite class and because I feel as though I have many good ideas that could benefit FHS next year and the years after that,” said Beasley.

Although Bridges was hesitant at first, French teacher Madame Campbell convinced her to run for officer.

“I was originally running but I dropped out because I don’t really love public speaking,” Bridges said. “Madame convinced me to put my name back in the race.”

Thanks to Madame, Bridges was elected and now looks forward to implementing some of her new ideas in FHS. These ideas include creating a carpool list to make it easier for underclassmen to get rides to events and having more ways for people to earn the points needed to be in FHS. Beasley also has plans on how to improve FHS.

“One of them is to start a French game night with games such as French Monopoly, Pétanque, and many other easily accessible French games,” she said. “Another idea is to involve the Catholic Central French program in our current restaurant trips and movie nights, and possible the game night.”