Healthy Habits help Mercy students


Co-founder Madeline Ballard and junior member Samantha Love recruit members from the Club Expo.

Healthy Habits, a new club at Mercy, challenges students to change simple routines in their life to greatly improve their future. With the hectic schedule of a Mercy student, eating habits tend to be overlooked. The lack of a lunch period only furthers the development of unhealthy eating habits through snacking over a long period rather than a set lunch schedule. Conscious eating is a key factor to living a full life. To junior co-founders Madeleine Ballard and Casey Stoneback, informing students on foods full of supplements to give energy and balance is vital.

“Our club was created to explore lifestyle choices that may not be typically used in a student’s family or friend group,” said Ballard. The club works to target students with unhealthy habits developed in early childhood, and gives alternatives to fattening foods.

This club, however, touches on more than just eating styles and fulfilling foods. To the founders, a fully balanced student is the key to a happy and healthy lifestyle. Activities such as yoga release stress, while developing new organizational skills, allows for an easier time in school.

At the last club meeting, the growing club created stress balls to help with oncoming finals.

“We wanted to give our members a tool they can use in the future when they aren’t able to talk to our school’s health teachers or us. While it is a quick fix, studies have shown that things such as stress balls can help control anxiety and stress,” said Stoneback.

The development of Healthy Habits has been extremely beneficial to its members. “I have learned components to my health that I would never had thought of,” said Junior Allison Schulz, “Healthy Habits allows me to change the way I look at my health and lets me develop a more balanced lifestyle.”