Une nuit au théâtre: A night at the theatre



Voices steadily chatter as people file through the rows at the Detroit Opera House, looking for their seats. As they start to settle in, the lights dim and the orchestra begins to softly play. The chatter ceases and all eyes turn to the stage. The spotlight shines on a man walking towards a piano in the center of the stage. He starts to speak and the play begins.

Members of the French Honor Society (FHS) had the opportunity to journey down to Detroit to see a play called An American in Paris, at the famous Opera House. The music followed the life of Jerry Mulligan, a retired U.S. soldier who decided to stay in France after WWII had ended, as he fought to win over the affection of prima ballerina Lise Bouvier. However, he is not the only one in love with Lise and several love triangles soon break out. Friendships and relationships are tested as all of the characters work to create a ballet production.

FHS students were able to purchase tickets for themselves and their close friends and family to enjoy a night at the theatre, and many parents and daughters were able to spend quality time together.

“I really enjoyed how I was able to share the culture I learn every day at school with my parents by attending the musical,” said FHS leader senior Grace Denomme. “My parents were able to more deeply understand my passion by joining me in attending the event with the French Honor Society.”

Check out this short photo gallery of FHS members and their families at the Detroit Opera House!