Newsprint’s Christmas Coupons 2017


Photo used with permission from Creative Commons

If you’re hoping to get by on a bit more than Christmas magic this finals season, then you’re in luck! Newsprint has compiled a list of coupons to add an extra boost to your grade. Simply print out this sheet, cut out the coupons offered by your teachers (and share the leftovers with those who could use them) and turn them in according to their instructions!

Good luck, Mercy girls.

Click the line down below!

Christmas Coupons 2017

*Restrictions for a get out of jug free coupon:

-has to be used during the first semester of 2017

-can be used for detentions received ONLY prior to the 14th

-must present coupon to Mrs. Tarplin, Ms. Arlen, or Ms. Scheid

-name must be written on the back of the coupon legibily

-good for one jug only (you cannot use more than one coupon)