Natural alternaives to store-bought beauty products


Club members take a break from their usual classes to meet during the school day where they enjoyed a hands-on experiment.

The Green Club leaders worked hard before and after school to organize the club meeting for their members on Wed. Dec. 6. The meeting involved making a homemade body scrub using coconut oil, brown sugar, vanilla extract, and peppermint oil. These ingredients were passed around the room as each girl was able to personalize her creation. The members were then able to take their creations home with them to try out for themselves.

“We made body scrubs from natural things, like coconut oil, to show how you can use all these different natural options as a substitution for non-natural items,” said senior leader Meghan Giroux.

The leaders discussed alternatives to some of the scrubs and lotions girls may find in stores that aren’t natural. Natural, organic products help the planet and are also healthier for people to use. The members also enjoyed hot chocolate, discussed recycling at Mercy and voted on names for the animal that Green Club adopted, a Borneo Pygmy elephant. The meeting concluded with a documentary movie about dolphin trainers.