Welcome to the Mercy family!

Mercy hosts its annual Freshwoman Fun Fair to greet incoming freshwomen

For the second year in a row, the Mercy Counseling Department, led by freshwoman counselor Mrs. Trish Brown, organized the Freshwoman Fun Fair — a 99 percent student led evening of games, goodies, and greetings.

With weeks of prior planning and over 150 student volunteers welcoming girls, leading games, distributing food, and guiding groups of eighth-graders, Mercy students put their all into an event that certainly paid off in the end.

“I had fun working since I got to meet many incoming freshwomen that I will see in years to come,” said current freshwoman Asha Telang who worked at the bean bag toss station. “My favorite part of the night was when my friends and I talked to some of the incoming students and got to know them.”

Mercy was split into three zones for the carnival themed Fun Fair: the gym, the lobby, and the cafeteria. As soon as eighth-graders were welcomed through the lobby doors by bright posters and smiling students, they were put into a group with a link leader guide and sent off to have fun.

“The goal of the night is to provide these eighth-graders with a positive experience within our building,” said freshman counselor Mrs. Trish Brown. “This is a big opportunity to make the situation of coming into high school a little less scary, and turn it into something that is exciting.”

With music blasting from each zone, classic carnival games played to win tickets, a bounce house, a face painting station, and a multitude of carnival treats such as cotton candy, popcorn, and pizza, the eighth-graders were guaranteed to have a night of amusement and pleasure.

“The freshman fun fair was so fun,” said Our Lady of Victory eighth-grader Caroline Wiseley. “All [of] the mercy girls working it were so friendly and fun and made me even more excited to come to mercy. I can’t wait for freshman year.”

The evening ended with a short speech from current senior and student body president Ciara Lopus. She shared about her experiences coming to Mercy, gave advice to incoming students, and officially welcomed each girl to their next four years at Mercy.

“All these girls sitting around you are your sisters,” said Lopus. “I am too, so welcome to the Mercy family!”

(Photo Gallery Credit: Emma Tomsich)