Student council election gets a makeover


Mary Doman, a junior running for student council president, has her interview with Mrs. Tarplin. (Photo Credit: Jasmine Williams)

For many years, the student council election was fairly simple. Students submitted their election registration form to the dean of students. The form would be posted on a bulletin board in the alcove for the student body to see. If necessary, there would be a primary round to narrow down the amount of candidates in each position. The remaining candidates then began campaigning. The election ended with the candidates giving speeches, and then students were sent to their advisor groups to vote. This has been the structure for the election for a while, but this year’s process will be a little different.

“I think it was time for the process to be updated,” said Dean of Students Mrs. Tarplin, who is in charge of the election and is the advisor for the Student Council officers.

This year’s election still has old elements from previous years. Students interested in running for an office can join the Election course on schoology, where office descriptions, important dates, and office and campaign elections were all made available. They also had the option to attend an informational meeting which gave the potential candidates the opportunity to ask the current council officers and Mrs. Tarplin questions.

One of the new changes implemented this year is the mandatory interview students must have in order to be selected as a candidate. The interview will give staff and the current student council officers a chance to evaluate those interested in each of the offices.

Another addition being made to the process is the forum video of the candidates. Each candidate will be recorded answering questions that will give the student body a chance to see the different candidates’ opinions on certain issues pertaining to the office they are running for. The videos will be aired during advisor group in the upcoming weeks.

“I think it is a positive opportunity to express yourself and share your feelings about how you can change Mercy for the better,” said junior Anne Tartoni, a candidate for student council president.

The changes to the election came about to increase interaction between the candidates and the students voting for them. So far, the changes have been well received by those interested in becoming student council officers. The candidates have already began their campaigning and are gearing up for the forum.