Mercy puts the ‘fun’ in fundraiser

The annual Mercy Sweepstakes fundraiser is in full swing! After a fun-filled karaoke and fashion show assembly to hype up students, the battle begins to sell the most tickets to earn cash prizes and days off school.

Tickets are $5 each, while whole books, which are 5 tickets, are $25. Each student is required to sell six books, but if you sell one more, you are awarded free dress until the end of the school year.

Sweepstakes is a highly anticipated fundraiser, with students anxiously waiting and hoping to hear their name called to win prizes.

Mercy High School hopes to raise a record-high amount of $250,000. But to do so, Mercy needs full participation and energy.

The assembly, which took place during advisor group of Tuesday, consisted of a Back to the Future themed fashion show, dance party, and karaoke competition. With Mr. Mike Barnes singing and dancing to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing,” Ms. Lisa Robinet serenading Mr. Jan Wampuszyc to Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” and Mrs. Sara McGavin dressing up as 90s Britney Spears, the kick-off assembly was a hit with students.

“I just couldn’t stop laughing,” said sophomore Sarah Smolinski. “The teachers and their costumes and dancing were absolutely hilarious.”

The Sweepstakes committee has been working hard and planning for the past three months, creating themes, finding teachers willing to participate, and rehearsing. Senior Sophie Van Acker has been on the committee since her freshman year.

“I love Sweepstakes,” Van Acker said with a smile. “It occurs at a fun time of the year with spring break and summer right around the corner. Sweepstakes allows us to go out with a bang.”

Committee member junior Mary Doman agrees, adding that “Sweepstakes is the perfect time for the Mercy community to come together for a great cause.”

Enjoy the photo gallery of Tuesday’s assembly and remember to sell those tickets! (Photo Gallery: Molly Lyons)