Mercy Varsity Soccer gains a new head coach


Mercy IT Director Mr. Tom James was announced as the new Mercy Varsity Soccer head coach. Mr. James has a passion for soccer and is determined to make the 2017 season one to remember. (Photo Credit: Molly Lyons)

Mercy High School announced in early February that Mr. Tom James would take on the head coach position for the Mercy Varsity Soccer team.

The announcement of the new head coach came as a shock to some, for many people know Mr. James as a director of the IT Dept. and go to him with technological problems and iPad dilemmas.

But what many students don’t know about Mr. James is that he previously coached Mercy soccer in 2003 as both JV head coach and varsity assistant coach. Additionally, Mr. James has been coaching recreational and club soccer since 1995. Along with his years of coaching experience, Mr. James has been a soccer referee, which he says “gives a different perspective of the game.”

Outside of school, Mr. James enjoys spending time with his wife, Jill, and his five children.

“Watching my kids grow up has been a very challenging and rewarding experience,” Mr. James said. One of the passions Mr. James shares with his children is a love for soccer, and many of his fondest memories with them involve the sport. Having coached all his kids at some point during their soccer careers, Mr. James enjoys watching them grow as players, teammates, and overall people.


As far as the goals on the actual soccer field are concerned, Mr. James is determined to achieve the title of Catholic League champions and advance as far as possible in the state playoff tournament.

Members of the Mercy soccer program are both excited and anxious to begin workouts, training sessions, and tryouts.

Junior Becca Heaman looks forward to the season with a smile.

“I’m excited and looking forward to the opportunities and challenges we will face as a team,” Heaman said. “It’s going to be good. I can just feel it.”

Although the season doesn’t officially start until March, Mr. James has already laid out some goals he plans to accomplish.

“I hope to make being a part of the Mercy soccer family a memorable and rewarding experience for our players, parents, fans, and coaches and make our school proud,” he said.