Fashion club offers opportunities for a future in fashion


Co-president seniors Angel Bell and Jasmine Williams write the meeting agenda on the whiteboard. (Photo Credit: Shannon Seabolt)

Fashion Club offers many opportunities for creative girls who are interested in the fashion industry. From being visited by representatives from fashion schools to designing pieces or discussing trends, Fashion Club allows girls to start learning about and pursuing their fashion careers.

Fashion Club was visited last year by a representative of their sponsor, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, a college in California. The representative came to talk to the girls about the fashion industry and she plans to come again this spring with a new presentation.

“Last year, she talked about social media marketing and how that is influenced by fashion,” said co-president senior Angel Bell, “and this year, she will have a different topic.”

The club also offers opportunities for girls to get creative and showcase their designs. For the past two years, Fashion Club has designed pieces that walked the runway at the Mom’s Club Fashion Show. Students like freshman Destiny Moss and junior Benicia Booker, who are interested in fashion design, were able to design outfits.

Each meeting, the club discusses different trends in fashion allowing members to mention what they have noticed in stores and on the runway. Meetings are also occasionally centered around major fashion events.

“For the September meeting, we did New York Fashion Week,” said Bell. “We asked the girls what some of their favorite shows from New York Fashion Week were, and we showed bits and pieces of some of the shows. Then, we discussed the fashion trends we saw and compared it to the years before and what we’re seeing in stores now.”

Fashion Club is run by two seniors, Angel Bell and Jasmine Williams, who both want to go into the fashion industry. The club was started by two seniors during their sophomore year, but as the year went on, club activities slowed down. It didn’t seem as though anyone would take over the leadership position, so Bell and Williams stepped up to run the club.