Bonjour Antietam!

Mercy French program visits one of Detroit’s up and coming French restaurants, Antietam.

Mercy’s French students were visited by Seth High, a chef at award-winning Antietam restaurant in downtown Detroit, during National French Week. High gave the Mercy French students a demonstration on the proper French culinary terms and techniques. His presentation left the girls feeling inspired by France’s culture and excited to visit his restaurant at the end of the week.

On the field trip, nearly 60 French students were transported to France inside Antietam’s vintage fine-dining restaurant with an intimate atmosphere and an Art Deco ambiance. Students practiced their French while ordering their meals and chatting with one another. Mercy students were immersed in the unique culture with Antietam’s delicious French food, music, and elegant decor. Watch the video to learn more about the French restaurant field trip and the experiences that the girls had on it.