JCL holds final meeting of the year

Club members gathered in Latin teacher and club moderator Mrs. Marquard’s room for the meeting. (Photo credit: Mrs. Marquard)

Mercy’s chapter of the Junior Classical League (JCL) held its last meeting of the school year on April 27. The club screened the Disney movie Hercules, hosted speeches for officer elections, and enjoyed a variety of snacks.

Although the movie Hercules is quite different from the ancient myth, the film still makes many references to ancient mythology in general. For example, gods and goddesses, demigods, monsters, and satyrs appear throughout the movie. Many club members completed a word search which featured even more references. They also enjoyed pizza, homemade cookies, and juice during the meeting.

The speeches of the candidates running for Quinaria, the JCL officer board, were also a highlight of the meeting. There were 11 candidates this year, making it the club’s largest election ever. On Friday, the 2016-2017 JCL Officers were announced: sophomore Annie Acho Tartoni, and juniors Joanna Bird, Katherine Colleran, Ellie Janitz, and Marissa Lobbia. These newly elected officers are eager to prepare next year’s JCL events.

“I’m looking forward to planning the meetings next year,” said Bird, who was also an officer this school year. “I think this year went well, but hopefully we can continue to make the next one even better.”