STARS searches for student leaders


Senior STARS leaders Julia Kirby and Heather Lillystone will be graduating this year, so they are looking for new students to take over the club. (Photo credit: Theresa Benton)

Mercy’s book club, Sisters That Are Reading Stories (STARS) is on the hunt for some new leadership. With all three founding leaders graduating this June, the club needs some students to step up to the plate and revive the club, especially after a slow year.

Newsprint conducted a quick Q&A with two of the current leaders, seniors Julia Kirby (JK) and Heather Lillystone (HL), to find out what they’re looking for.

How was STARS this year?

HL: It sort of fizzled out.

JK: It’s hard… I think what it was, was that we started off with not a very good book choice, and I think that sort of affected our membership. We just had a hard time keeping up with meetings. [The club] sort of got sidelined. I don’t think it will continue next year, which is unfortunate. I don’t regret doing it, though. It was fun, and we read new books.

What kind of person/people are you looking for to lead the club?

HL: People who are like, “Yay, let’s read!”

JK: People who are enthusiastic about reading and who will be proactive about setting up meetings and doing fun activities, which is what we tried to do this year. I think we could have done more stuff.

What are your hopes for the club next year?

JK: I think it’d be really awesome if someone was like, “Hey! A book club!”

Any students interested in becoming a leader and taking over STARS next year should contact either Julia Kirby ([email protected]) or the teacher moderator, Ms. Claudia Taniguchi ([email protected]). Students do not have to be current members of the club, and can be in any grade.