JCL celebrates ancient festivals

Club members designed their own chariots at the meeting. (Photo credit: Mrs. Marquard)

After being rescheduled due to snow days, Mercy’s chapter of the Junior Classical League (JCL) had an exciting meeting on March 8 in which students rotated from station to station.

The meeting focused on learning about a few festivals in ancient Rome. At one station, students learned about Quinquatrus, a festival dedicated Minerva, the goddess of wisdom and weaving. It was traditionally celebrated by students and weavers, so Mercy students were quickly taught to weave using yarn and forks. Many students liked learning the new skill.

“It was interesting,” junior Marissa Lobbia said. “I really enjoyed it.”

In another, students used props to create a scene from the festival Tubilustrium, a celebration in which priests would dance to trumpet music and make a sacrifice to their gods. There was a photo contest to see which group made the best reenactment.

“I thought everything went well,” said junior club officer Ellie Janitz.

Students also designed their own chariots after learning about Equirria, festivals of chariot racing, in another station. Junior club officer Joanna Bird also demonstrated how to make a toga and stola out of bed sheets. Juice, chocolate chip cookies, and homemade sesame seed cookies were available throughout the meeting.